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SMOK Coils Information

SMOK, which is a subsidiary of ShenZhen IVPS Technology Co, Limited, has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing high-quality electronic cigarette and vaping devices since 2010. Through the course of their rich history, SMOK has established itself as one of the leaders in the industry. They are world-renown throughout the vaping community for manufacturing some of the most innovative and groundbreaking devices.

More recently, SMOK has shaken the vaping community to its core due to the genuinely sensational atomizer coils that have been designed to operate with their coveted tanks. The SMOK TFV4, SMOK TFV8, and SMOK TFV12 collection of tanks, for example, pair with atomizer heads that provide superior vapor production, intense favor, and an overall delightful vaping experience. Their large assortment of state-of-the-art atomizer coils is truly second to none, which is part of the reason why SMOK’s tanks have received such an extensive range of awards, accolades, and rave reviews by vapers worldwide.

Intricately designed, skillfully engineered, and immaculately crafted, all of SMOK’s phenomenal atomizer heads are made with only the finest available materials. Whether equipped with stainless steel, titanium, stainless steel, or Kanthal resistance coils, all of SMOK’s performance atomizer heads are furnished with 100% pure Japanese organic cotton. Devoid of bleach, colorants, pesticides, fungicides, or other contaminants found in standard cotton, SMOK’s superior atomizer heads deliver rich, flavorful, and clean taste from all of your favorite e-juices.